Montag, 7. Mai 2012

second week of school- not very busy ;)

Hey guys!

I thought I should make a post in English because my friends were complaining that GOOGLE translator is pretty much shit. So now it's your turn, my lovely germany friends, to use it. :)
The second week of term 2 was relaxed. I had sailing on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. First we went out to the Viaduct Harbour and then we sailed to Motuihe Island. Both of the trips were so much fun because we had heaps of wind and we even got wet on the boat! :)
Wednesday afternoon I went off to the Bay Of Islands for a 4-day-trip. I actually was a level 3 history trip, but they had free spaces. LUCKY :) It was just amazing. The landscape was awesome as! We also visited Russell, the first capital of NZ. We stayed in cabins and me any my friend shared the "upper" floor haha :)
I saw the prettiest beach I've ever seen in my whole entire life! OPONONI
On monday I had like 3 hours sleep because as you know I wanted to extend my stay in New Zealand for the holidays in july as well. And so I waited for aaages if my parents agree and if there are any free places on the plane left. And everthing finally worked out well! I'm not gonna fly home until the 14th july which makes me very happy :)

Thank you
to my parents, my friends in New Zealand and Germany and my hostfamily ♥ I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

c ya.

Bay Of Islands, Paihia

Level 3 History Class and one weird German and AGNES ;)



that is what people call 'paradise'


pretty happy

really happy!


there goes the slippery salmon.


  1. Opononi *-*
    für mich geht's in 65 Tagen nach Auckland :) Oh Gott, ich freue mich schon soooo sehr.
    and i had no problem with your english post, it's very easy to understand.

    Ganz liebe Grüße
    Henni :)

    PS: Ich wollte mal fragen wie oft du bei dir ins Internet kannst, weil in Nz ist das noch nicht sooo selbstverständlich, oder jetzt doch schon?

  2. ich liebe deine posts!! war auch total gut zu verstehen :) DANKE! und wie kann man mit dir in kontakt treten, ich kann es kaum erwarten nach NZ zu fliegen! xx